We design and make our strap sets to be both the perfect start to a collection and a dynamic addition to an existing one.

These straps give endless possibilities on how to use and wear them. Great for self restraint, styling with an outfit, or restraining others. They can be used together or separately. We've illustrated a few examples below and explained how to recreate them.

As with all self-bondage, it's a good practice to share your plans with a trusted person ahead of time so you have someone to check in on you as needed. Stay safe!

top view of someone's lap. their arms are tied at the wrist to the thighs with a clip connecting them together.



The above illustrations show a mirrored wrist to thigh figure eight tie.

To do this...

  • Loop the long end of the strap through the O ring so that the back side of the strap faces outward. Make sure that the D ring is facing inward.
  • Loosely thread the long end of the strap through the buckle, making a figure eight.
  • Put your leg through the opening with the buckle and your wrist through the opening with the D ring. Assure that the D ring is facing the center of your body. If not, you won't be able to connect the two sides together.
  • Tighten the buckle to your desired comfort/discomfort level. if you can't do this alone, have a partner or friend assist you.
  • repeat the steps above to mirror the first side.
  • connect the two sides together with a double end clip or other swivel snap.

NOTE: The second side will be more challenging to tighten because of the limited range of motion from the other side of the body. Enlist the help of a partner or friend if the limited mobility prevents you from completing the restraint.

VARIATIONS: Follow the steps above but have the D rings facing away from the center. This will allow external anchor points or straps to be used to keep the arms and legs apart.